I left School with no GCSE’s and no career choice and left when the recession had started in 2008. The first 6 months of leaving School I couldn’t get a job anywhere. I applied for everything cleaning jobs to administration jobs, the replies were all the same no experience no interview. I managed to find an Apprenticeship in Business Administration. From there I had a few different jobs but none of them gave me a career or motivation to make a better life for myself. I lived pay check to pay check adding debt on top of it too. As I got older and became aware of my situation, I became fed up with it. Fed up of dead end jobs and being in debt.

I decided in 2016 to start my degree with the Open University. This has since given me the motivation and willpower, realising there is more out there for me to achieve and that’s what I have set out to do. I self-invest, which is where I read books relevant to what I want to improve on, courses to help me improve my side hustles and I am about to go in to my final year of my Degree!

Join me on my journey and let’s create a better life together!

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